Your Lighthouse Team

Radical, dude.

Stylish Lookin' Peeps

In no particular order.

Matt Almendinger
Solutions Consultant & Engineer

Fascinated by technology for as long as he can remember, Matt's desire is to make technology accessible and understandable for everyone. Even after over a decade of experience working with local businesses, he still gets excited when he encounters products or services "in the wild" that were delivered a client. It's that sense of being part of something bigger that drive's Matt's passion to succeed.

Faced with a new chapter of his life, his aim is simple: to be a vendor that pushes clients to succeed in ways they never thought possible and to be an integral part of that success.

Griffin Ball

Griffin is in charge of Lighthouse IT’s marketing, working to assist with the needed expansion of it's many products/services and how everyone can hear about them. As a recent graduate of Bowling Green State University, he just finished up his degree in Visual Communications Technology with a minor in Computer Wizardry.

Being the ‘Tech-guy’ all his life, Griffin has found it exciting to work with computers and media. This obviously made for a great match with Lighthouse IT Solutions. With Griffin on-board, we at Lighthouse IT can provide more solutions to our clients, and keep Matt from juggling 100 different jobs.

Keith Davis, Jr.
Office Administrator

Having a proven record of providing customers with exceptional service, Keith was brought on to provide his various business skills. He is an inspiring Human Resource Manager with a Degree in Business Management. We love him because of the excitement and humor he brings to the office every day. Harnessing his abilities, we use them to provide the same exceptional level of support he has given in the past.

Keith’s goal is to provide support in all aspects where the company has a need. He has a desire to see the business grow and to be a vital part of that process.

Laif Thorbahn
Solutions Consultant

Laif had always been interested in computers and technology, wanting to know how they worked. Once he took a course on the inner workings of a computer, he knew this was what he wanted to do. Constantly being part of an ever-expanding field is what pushes him forward. All whilst taking classes at Bowling Green State University for his major in Mechatronics.

He has previously worked on both hardware and software based issues, but now we at Lighthouse IT utilize Laif to help with troubleshooting for our clients. With Laif assisting Matt we’re able to be more efficient than ever before.

Corporate Alumni

In no particular order.

Joe Brandon
Solutions Consultant & Support

Joining us in July 2013, Joe was a Solutions Consultant & Support technician, but also brought humor to the office. As an important team member he helped make it possible for us to continue to dream big as a small company by assisting our clients with the day-to-day support tasks.

Alison Laing
Office Manager

Alison was Lighthouse IT's resident over-achiever. After graduating college early with a degree in Business Administration, she joined our team in December of 2012. Her job wasn't an easy one, but she did it with a smile and unparalleled excellence. Whether it was making sure our clients had the quotes they needed, answering account questions, or the nearly impossible duty of keeping the team on task; her role became increasingly more important as the company matured.