Your Lighthouse Team

Radical, dude.

Stylish Lookin' Peeps

In no particular order.

Corporate Alumni

In no particular order.

Joe Brandon
Solutions Consultant & Support

Joining us in July 2013, Joe was a Solutions Consultant & Support technician, but also brought humor to the office. As an important team member he helped make it possible for us to continue to dream big as a small company by assisting our clients with the day-to-day support tasks.

Alison Laing
Office Manager

Alison was Lighthouse IT's resident over-achiever. After graduating college early with a degree in Business Administration, she joined our team in December of 2012. Her job wasn't an easy one, but she did it with a smile and unparalleled excellence. Whether it was making sure our clients had the quotes they needed, answering account questions, or the nearly impossible duty of keeping the team on task; her role became increasingly more important as the company matured.